Mayor's Fund for the Homeless

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Mayor's Fund for the Homeless

  • The Mayor's Fund for the Homeless (MFH) uses private donations to provide food, shelter and support services to homeless families and individuals.
  • Managed by the Mayor’s office of HOPE, these funds help improve outcomes for individuals in all forms of city sponsored housing including shelters, supportive, public and affordable housing. These funds are also used to help support clients who are exiting the Navigation Center.
  • The MFH  enables The Mayor’s Office of HOPE to more actively fundraise and to engage with community members who are interested in supporting our efforts.

The Mayor’s Fund for the Homeless (MFH) provides resources that enables The Mayor’s HOPE to more actively fundraise through These proceeds support initiatives to end homelessness through programs such as WOOF, Homes for Heroes, LGBTQ Connect, the Navigation Center and Lava Mae. The Mayor’s Office of HOPE also works closely with various City Departments and nonprofits throughout the City.

The MFH fund is used exclusively for the purpose of providing food, shelter and supportive services. Funds which are donated for a specific project for the homeless are used only for that project. The target population includes the homeless or marginally-housed, very low-income residents of San Francisco, including many who have a diagnosis of disabling HIV/AIDS.  There is also funding for programs and initiatives that seek to serve this population and help them to either exit homelessness or prevent homelessness from occurring, including immediate financial support to stabilize their housing situation.

The Mayor’s office of HOPE has appointed a governing board who make the final determinations on funding decisions. The MFH Advisory Board meets frequently to discuss funding and upcoming projects and allocation of funds.