Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund

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Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund

  • Makes grants to San Francisco nonprofit arts organizations with budgets of under $3,000,000 for facilities maintenance, capital improvements and equipment acquisition.
  • Top priorities are capital expenditures to correct cited code violations, and capital expenditures for emergency situations that render artistic activities inoperable.
  • Also supported are capital expenditures to improve the capacity of venues, or will have a significant positive effect on audience comfort.

The Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund (VACF), established by the Board of Supervisors in 1984, allows San Francisco property tax payers to add a contribution to their tax bill to benefit the arts. Renters and non-City residents are also welcome to make donations to the Fund — a collaboration between the Tax Collector's Office, the Board of Supervisors and Grants for the Arts. This program aims to provide an additional funding source for the City's cultural activities.

The goal of the program is to make arts organizations safer, more productive, more accessible to the general public, as well as to enhance artistic operations. Collaborative projects making shared use of requested items are encouraged wherever possible. Preference is given to nonprofit organizations not currently receiving Grants for the Arts support through ongoing general operating support grants.

Organizations not currently funded by Grants for the Arts and that do not meet GFTA’s regular criteria for funding are eligible for consideration. These include, for example, arts education programs, arts projects taking place in hospitals, convalescent homes and/or other sheltered locations, and other non-public arts activities for specific constituencies.